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"Me on the bed in my first ever set. I was a bit nervous about showing my boobs to the camera but I soon got over that!"

"Here I am flashing outside in my first ever out doors set...
and this time I wasn't nervous at all."

"Do you like my bra? Finding them big enough to fit my boobs isn't easy you know!"

"Here I am back on the bed in my pink nightie, black high heels and spotty ankle socks. I hope you like!"

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Olivia set 008

 "Hey... does this mean my boobs are going on a UK tour?"

"We found this graffitti on the way to a shoot and I just had to pop them out in front of it!"

"Ooh, I never thought yellow would suit me... what do you think?"

"I love my 'Little Bo Peep' outfit... or should it be called 'Big Boobs Pop Outfit?"

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Olivia set 011

Olivia set 012

"Here I am on the balcony flashing my goodies to the neighbours!"

"Can you guess what I'm up to today?
No silly, I'm playing 'Left For Dead' on the XBox!" 

 "This is some behind the scenes stuff that I thought you might like to see."

"Part two of me playing 'Left For Dead'
Well the levels last for ever so we got loads of piccies!"

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Olivia set 016

"This was supposed to be a little break in shooting but I decided to get down to my undies and play pool!"

 "Silly little me, I've lost the phone down my top... what ever shall I do?"

"And here I am playing 'Silent Hill' Yes... I'm a geek!"

"Hey, look at me...
I'm beginning to get a bit addicted to this flashing lark!" 

Olivia set 017

Olivia set 018

Olivia set 019

Olivia set 020

 "Do you like my dungaree shorts? I may well use these again... somewhere public!"

 "Can you imagine me topless boxing on the Wii?"

 "Oops... I appear to have let my boobs off the leash yet again!"

"Remember me losing my phone?.. well now I've lost my top as well!" 

Olivia set 021

Olivia set 022

Olivia set 023

Olivia set 024

"Just warming my bottom on the radiator... well British Summer's are as cold as the Winter's!" 

 "Part two of me in my Dungaree's!"

"My new bra & panties set... with lots of little kisses!"

"Am I covering them from view or giving them a little squeeze?
You'll just have to guess!" 

Olivia set 025

Olivia set 026

Olivia set 027

Olivia set 028

"I had nothing to wear but this big red ribbon and my panties..."

"Want to see me making a coffee during a break in shooting?"

"Hey it's that ribbon again... I liked the way this set looked so much I wanted to do more!"

"This is one of my fave tshirts, I wear it to the shoots so much I just wanted to do something in it... and out of it!" 

Olivia set 029

Olivia set 030

Olivia set 031

Olivia set 032

 "This was supposed to be another break... but here I am flashing my boobies at you again!"

"I get all hot and sweaty in this set. Am I working-out or just trying to get my boobs into another small bra?" 

"Back outside for this set. We were walking back to the car but spotted an ideal opportunity to get the boys out!"

"Proof that my boobies fit in a shower cubicle - lol!"

Olivia set 033

Olivia set 034

Olivia set 035

Olivia set 036

 "Bra, short skirt and stripper shoes... hope you like the look!"

 "We stopped off in a pub for a break and then decided to start a shoot with everyone watching!"

"This set came about because I was trying to prove that it's not practical for me to do any skipping!"

"The ideal set for me... I get to lie down and do very little... ha ha!"

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Olivia set 038

Olivia set 039

updates coming soon

 "Roadside boob-flashing... just the job for a girl like me!"

"It's not often I get dressed-up in 'officialy naughty nightwear...' should I do it more often?"

"A lovely walk in the park... join me and see what happens next!"

"Don't Forget, I Update Twice A Week!"